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Neptune EP

Out now

Neptune appreciation

  • Sonically impressive and a thunderous force of nature
    Kempsey, ClickRollBoom
  • ...every detail was deeply cared about by the band. This is a project made with love and rage
    Nick Tuttle, Misty Music Studio
  • ...your songs are delicious barrels of riffs
    Flashlight Faces
  • Decayed | Remade was awesome but you took it to another level with [Neptune]. 10 out of 10. Fantastic
    “Mad” Marky, The X-Friends
  • [Eulogy] is one of the best indie rock songs I've heard
    You weren't kidding when you said we wouldn't get bored
    The Sound Ninja
  • This shit slaps!
    Neptune, Roman god of water
  • All hail mighty Neptune! All hail The Welcoming!
  • ...the different styles are weaved together flawlessly. I'm very jealous and you should be very proud
    Rick, SparraLIMB

The Making of Neptune


Decayed | Remade

The debut album

Decayed | Remade appreciation

  • Some of the best rock/metal music I've heard [...] like APC, Thrice, and Cave In [...] really like the very thoughtful and imaginative lyrics
    Seth Crisp
  • ...there's a lot to appreciate here so if you're in the mood for genre-hopping [...] you'll really like the variety that's jam-packed into this LP.
    Adedamola Adeniyi
  • Damn. [Loop] is easily better than 99% of songs I hear on my local rock station.
    I am gonna need to take a candle making class so I can do something with all this melted face.
    TruckDog & the Go People
  • This is incredible [...] unique but also familiar.
    Victor Bebo
  • [Snakeholder] has power and punch! Awesome vocals add to the lethal sonic bites!
    [Revived] comes in like a perfectly thrown bomb for a game winning touchdown pass! The vocalist at quarterback the band goes downfield...unstopabble!
    Roger Gonzo
  • your music has been getting me through some shit
    Nicholas Mück

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