About The Welcoming

Don’t call us a p**g band

The Welcoming is a genre-bending rock and/or metal band from Asheville, NC. With a sound that mixes big riffs, soaring vocal melodies, and just enough technicality to keep you on your toes, we make music for fans of bands like Thrice, Cave In, A Perfect Circle, and Coheed & Cambria.

Meet the band

  • James Ferrell playing Lead vocals | Guitars on stage

    James Ferrell

    Lead vocals | Guitars

    James is a rehabilitated drummer whose mind had to be partially wiped in order to free up enough space for guitar and vocals.

  • Spencer Cranfill playing Guitars | Vocals on stage

    Spencer Cranfill

    Guitars | Vocals

    Spencer is capable of playing and enjoying music, sports, and video games — earning him a spot in the elite 1% of the population.

  • Vitor Sá playing Bass on stage

    Vitor Sá


    Vitor may be the eldest band member, but he reverts to a teenager when it comes to cats, basses, and Apex Legends.

  • Ken Mcaffee playing Drums on stage

    Ken Mcaffee


    Ken loves guitar, the gym, video games, people, misspelling words, and literally any product involving the word “pro.”


How it started | How it's going

It began with the release of the solo album, Decayed | Remade in late 2021. The album's unique and compelling sound quickly attracted the current lineup, and we've been working together to both expand and focus our sound ever since, resulting in the release of Neptune in late 2023.

We've brought our intense live show to multiple states and cities already, and we have no plans to stop. Follow our Songkick, Bandsintown, or Facebook page for upcoming events — we'd love to see you!

People are saying

  • it’s hard to truly ready yourself for the welcoming [...] you just let the riffs knock you over
    Prime Birds
  • your sound has 2 parts A Perfect Circle, one part CKY. You have created the ultimate forbidden music.
  • Honestly one of the best indie bands I have ever listened to
    Kian Dray

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