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You won’t be bored

The Welcoming is a genre-bending rock and/or metal band from Asheville, NC. With a sound that mixes big riffs, soaring vocal melodies, and just enough technicality to keep you on your toes, we make music for fans of bands like Thrice, Cave In, A Perfect Circle, and Coheed & Cambria.

Since starting as the solo project of James Ferrell in late 2021, the band has been busy playing shows, festivals, and weekend tours in multiple states and cities, and our songs have been played on the air in multiple countries.

Recent releases and social media followers

Neptune EP

Released October 2023

  • 18K plays on Spotify
  • 124 sales on Bandcamp
  • Top track: Song and Memory : 4.5K plays on Spotify

Decayed | Remade

Released October 2021

  • 48K plays on Spotify
  • 106 sales on Bandcamp
  • Top track: Loop : 6.3K plays on Spotify

Media statistics

  • 1.5K monthly listeners on Spotify
  • 2K followers on Twitter
  • 1.4K followers on Facebook
  • 1.2K followers on Instagram

Appearing on

  • Buzz Radio Asheville (US)
  • Lonely Oak Radio (US)
  • Eagles Nest Radio (US)
  • Static X Radio (US)
  • Metal Cross Radio (US)
  • ERB Radio (UK)
  • East London Radio (UK)
  • Belter Radio (UK)
  • Radio Wigwam (UK)
  • TTIAO Radio (UK)
  • Radio TFSC (Germany)
  • Only Rock Radio (Spain)

Reviews & interviews

People are saying

  • [The Welcoming] has that definite undefinable, but 'you know it when you hear it' next level talent.
    Won't Say Rabbit
  • ...your music and the genre you're experimenting with is so beautiful and I want you to never stop.
  • Amazing performance it was so fun and y'all's energy is dope
    Em Herold